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Sleepy Room Spray 50ml

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Getting enough sleep after a stressful day can prove to be a challenge, however, we’ve got just the right remedy for you. The Sleep spray was made to let you have a relaxing and blissful sleep. Loaded with lavender and other essential oils, this spray is sure to help you get a restful sleep. The profuse dulcet floral scent of the spray also makes the spray just perfect for all your scent needs.
The Sleep Spray has been tested and proven by our customers to give the
calm and relaxing sleep you need. Also, the rich mellow floral scent of
our Lavender fragranced spray makes sure a refreshing fragrance in
your home is maintained. Get your beauty sleep and a refreshing fragranced home all with just this


Spray around your room and on your pillow to create a calming/relaxing environment. 

** Not recommended to spray directly on Silk/Satin pillowcases. 

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